Ethriel: Goes back to basic

March 10, 2018
Location: Zamboanga City, Philippines
Outfit: stated down below....

Black and white comes along, every time my friends ask me “ethriel, how many (black, white and gray) shirts you have, can we have some?” and follows “ha-ha”. So you probably have noticed my old posts on instagram on being a basic boy on your feed. Well, I really love monochromatic colors forevs!!
Have you tried keeping some of the things you bought then suddenly it pops out in your closet and the worst is that you never knew it was there? Well, it’s a big yes for me. So I found this “fanny pack” of mine if I’m not wrong, I bought it on a thrift shop last 2 years ago and i’ve only worn it now (lol at me) I think it was just 30 pesos… so I look like someone who is going to collect some debts but it came out a little bit like that, then some also tells me “you’re on the trend man” and I was like “really, naah don’t flatter me ha-ha”. My outfit here is just a simple one, my top is a Ralph Lauren white shirt and paired it up with a black denim jeans from Penshoppe, a black sneakers from Adidas. Now, I’m ready for our university wash day! Have an awesome week you guys and enjoy!

What’s inside your closet? Yellow there!

IG: Ethriel Lao
March 06, 2018
Location: Zamboanga City, Philippines
Outfit: Over-sized Yellow shirt, Gray sweat pants, Black sneakers
Photos by: Joyce Tan

Yellow (hello) there! Who loves yellow? I didn’t liked yellow though, because it seems to make me look so haggard (I don’t know, that’s what I feel ha-ha). But, I’ve realized yellow seems a trend right now; why not? So I tried and that came out good. That yellow over-sized shirt was I think I bought it online and found it inside my closet, I tried wearing it a day and it looks kind a golden state shirt but no ha-ha. I guess some love it and right now I’m starting to love yellow too. So I paired my yellow over-sized shirt to a gray sweat pants and a black sneakers to give it so called a “lazy ootd lewk”, literally I looked like I just woke up ha-ha! So what are your thoughts of me wearing yellow?

Doing it the street style way.

February 24, 2018
Location: Zamboanga City, Philippines
Outfit: Striped T-shirt, Statement Tote Bag, Track pants, Sneakers

Nowadays, trends in fashion are having a huge part on social medias; like having your way of styles and comfort on the outfits you wear. Here you could share your ideas to your followers and friends or friends of friends in your circle. Have you ever had a choice where in that “what should I wear?” or “if this could suit me so well” in you everyday lifestyle? Me, when it comes on weekdays I got no problem at all; aside during Wednesdays and Fridays, well probably include Saturdays. Every day, I usually wear my university uniform (college) but on Wednesdays, we are required (on course) to wear our corporate attire; and on Fridays and Saturdays are our wash days. But it still keeps me on wrangling myself on or what to wear for the next day; that’s why before hand I prepare the things and my outfit for a certain occasion and also for the next one that I would wear. Here, I’m wearing a striped T-shirt from @reyonlineshop, Statement Tote Bag from @huntselect and  Track Pants from @Lilclosetzambo and of course with a pair of Adidas NMDXR1 with Mastermind Japan  to complete the style. 
Check out their instagram for more affordable ootds and stuff that you might need! (got their social medias and link down below)

IG Handles:

What's good?

Location: Garden Orchid Hotel, Gov. Camins, Zamboanga City
Hasiman-Caberte Nuptial

Turtle neck gamin’ on! Sorry for the hiatus though, been busy for the past few days and our hell week just ended. Well some of you guys follow me on Instagram and sees my photos and this was the latest of them all!

Weather in Zamboanga City, Philippines is so unpredictable, it comes with dry and wet season. Of course when it comes to big occasions like this your group might have a little competition slaying their own photos, wearing their best outfit of the day/night (ootd/n). Let me show you guys what I got during the #FahaDenTureBegins Wedding day.

Suit: F.N designs
Slim Fit Roll Neck Jumpers (inner) : Zalora 
Black Pants: H&M 
Shoes: Easy soft 
Accessories: Watch by Raymond Weil

Photo by: Joshua Bughao (@JoshuaBlue)
Here’s my pal who went turtle neck gamin’ with me during the night! (Kuya Dah)
IG: DahJimeno
Suit: Angking couture
Turtle Neck: Uniqlo
Hairstylist: Face and Fab (Zamboanga City)

Until my next blog!!

(p.s Congratulations to the newlywed couple Mr. Fahad Hasiman and Mrs. Denneese Caberte-Hasiman, best wishes! No more drama basta excited na ako makita si baby!!! Ha-ha)

New Year, New Life?

Ethriel Lao ( Lifestyle x Menswear Blogger )

It’s a new start once again, how was your 2017? Mine was indeed an indelible one, we’ll know that life in this world is just temporary and life in everyday comes with circumstances that is impossible to endure such pain. Now change, great things never came from comfort zone; a lot can happen in a year. That’s why I thank life for slapping me to reality every single day. Family, Friends, Enemies, Fake Friends (yeah ha-ha) and so many more, I thank you guys for pushing me to be what I am now; I feel so delighted to have you in my life.

To my sibs (incomplete), I know you guys love me (ha-ha) ,you guys are not so little anymore. I still remember the days when we’re still kids and I kind of miss it. We fight, we laugh and we stay in one roof and all the troubles that we’ve been through is a memory to kept. To my lovely readers, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter friends, I thank you a lot. It’s been a roller coaster ride, I got to meet new people, I make new friends and most of all I gain knowledge. To our most loving and caring Mama and Papa, we love you. We aren't here now if it wasn't because of you. But, I never really did asked myself if I’m ready for 2018, is it still the Ethriel 1.0 or an upgrade to 1.5? We can’t see the change in us, but others can see what change has made us. Good Bye 2017 and hello 2018! Till the next blog!
 Happy New Year and have a blastful 2018 y’all, keep me posted!!

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ABV Christmas Party 2017

Location: La Vista Del Monte Resort

KM 7 Upper del Sur, 7000, Zamboanga West Coastal Rd, Zamboanga

(check out Ateneo Blue Vigors Facebook for more infos. )

Enjoying the holidays?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year once again. Well, before this year ends how bout reminiscing some good and fun memories you had this 2017, what and how was it? So here’s one of my favorite blasts this year. (Drum roll...) T’was the Ateneo Blue Vigor’s Christmas Party 2017, last year was also one where in we had the “alter ego” theme kind of party; but this year is still the same, the usual party; BUT! Everyone wore their best costume they had ever worn and picked. This year’s Christmas Party was inspired by Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon outfits that you won’t ever believe that we came prepared and stayed in character. Everyone was so competitive during the games we had, and without you knowing even during dividing tasks; still everyone’s head in the game. (Ha-ha) Everything, the food, the place, all of them were so amazing and the weather; perfect! Imagine you’re in Baguio City, so  called the “City of Pines,” it’s particularly popular in summer due to unusually cooler weather, that’s the feeling up there. And chilling’ with close buddies up there won’t clearly miss a thing. 

Try to guess who I were on that night?

Let’s cut this off, let me show you some of the theme inspired outfits that we prepared and stayed in character the whole awesome night!

ABOVE (Left - Right) Ethriel Lao as Danny Phantom  x  Joann Rodriguez as Sam
BELOW (Left - Right) Joshua Bughao as Mojo Jo Jo  x  Mhezel Mohammad as Professor (PPG)

ABOVE (Left - Right) Janes Hernandez, Den Caberte, Bea Atilano as Buttercup, Blossom, Bubbles (PPG)  x  William Tubil as Mac (foster's homes)
BELOW (Left - Right) Janica Garan as Wednesday Addams x  Gerard Datiles as Number 4 (KND)

ABOVE (Left - Right) EJ bucoy as Ed (Ed Edd and Eddy)  x  Jude Paraguya as Johnny Bravo
BELOW (Left - Right) Renzo Jumangit as Finn (Adventure Time)  x  Jehan Barana as Raven (Teen Titans)

ABOVE (Left - Right) Christopher Tabula as Kevin Levin (Ben 10)  x  Dan Estratda as Marshall Lee (adventure time)
BELOW (Left - Right) Cedric De Julian as Ms. Bellum  x   Natasha Mas as Poison Ivy  x  TJ Saracho as  Morticia Addams

So me and my pal Joann Rodriguez went Danny Phantom characters for the night! 

ABOVE (Left - Right) Ethriel Lao as Danny Phantom  x  Joann Rodriguez as Sam
Not only we have same passion in dancing but having and finding time with each other, it’s our tradition. 
Sending our holiday greetings from our family to yours. May we genuinely celebrate this season with bountiful joy and love.
Feliz Navidad y un avance feliz año nuevo! (Merry christmas and an advance happy new year!) 🎄🎁

There’s a new café in town!

\ˈfau̇n-drē\ coffee + food café
Location: Veterans Avenue, Zamboanga City (fronting Mary Kay)

Are you a coffee lover or maybe who loves to eat pasta and wanted to try food around the world with a twist of Filipino dish? Well you should try \ˈfau̇n-drē\ coffee + food café located at Veterans Avenue, Zamboanga City fronting Mary Kay. Unique name right? \ˈfau̇n-drē\ is actually spelled “foundry” which means casting metals. They named it \ˈfau̇n-drē\ (foundry) because it’s located beside a warehouse of casting metals (taba ng utak! ha-ha). This café is owned by Mr. Simon Wee a Filipino-Chinese businessman, jolly and fun to be with; and the head baker of the café and his close buddy Mr. Ogos Aznar a national producer of TV commercials and Indie Films; and also the head chef.
Fads, Sir Ogos, Sir Simon, Me (left to right)

\ˈfau̇n-drē\ (foundry) coffee + food café has a total of 19 employees as of now including the café’s store manager Ms. Kimberly Bernardo. Let’s not forget how the interiors looks, the café is inspired from the word \ˈfau̇n-drē\ (foundry) itself, has good ambiance with nice aesthetic for grammers out there and has industrialized concept. The interior design (including the metals, the light bulbs and the art works) and the equipment were ordered from manila, the only thing that was from Zamboanga City are the glass and the cement ( chuckles*).  Whether you’re a morning person or a nocturnal (ha-ha) their café is open from 7:00am – 12: MN, isn’t it awesome? From the stressful pile of work; or you want to have a place to chill whether you go solo, a date or even bring your barkadas and unwind those bad vibes that had happened for you this day. \ˈfau̇n-drē\ coffee + food café has also Wi-fi connection and their own baker's studio it is also a place for you!

not the full menu, more at the cafe

Chicken Tikka Masala
Tuyo Pasta

But wait, food will always be the exciting part (ha-ha). They serve pastas, pastries and some good beverages with affordable price and good quality. So me and my friend Fads ordered a simple yet delish and unique dish that caught our taste buds a little drool, they are Tuyo Pasta and Chicken Tikka Masala and also my favorite the Green Matcha Latte and for Fads she ordered their very own Chai Latte. Well, “Tuyo Pasta” is literally a pasta with tuyo (amazing diba?!); it is an oil based pasta with herbs and spices; and garnished with a fresh “tuyo” (dried fish) and paired with a garlic bread; you can’t even taste or smell the stench from the fish! For the “Chicken Tikka Masala”, it is a dish of chunks of roasted marinated chicken in a spiced curry sauce. The sauce is usually creamy and orange-colored and paired with a Pita Bread.

 Chai Latte and the
Green Matcha Latte
 (left to right)

Affogato Espresso Ice cream

Now for the Beverages, we had their own Green Matcha Latte and the Chai Latte; you’re familiar with Matcha Latte right, I think? (ha-ha). For their Chai Latte, it is a hot drink with cinnamon and honey syrup (p.s they have their own way mixing It or shall I say the process. wink*). They also have their service water; whether you wanted that anti-oxidated one (which has lemons) or the regular one, but for me I prefer the anti-oxidated one for a healthy lifestyle (cheurxz! Ha-ha). We also tried they’re dessert specialty; the Affogato Espresso Ice cream which they still order the “ice cream” from ITALY?! Yes it’s from ITALY, it is a Vanilla Bean Ice Cream mixed with their own brewed Espresso and they also gave us the taste of their own Oat-Chocolated Revel Bar (Bonjour mi amour!). What are you waiting for? Check their place and try out their menu!!!

Till my next blog! 
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