There’s a new café in town!

\ˈfau̇n-drē\ coffee + food café
Location: Veterans Avenue, Zamboanga City (fronting Mary Kay)

Are you a coffee lover or maybe who loves to eat pasta and wanted to try food around the world with a twist of Filipino dish? Well you should try \ˈfau̇n-drē\ coffee + food café located at Veterans Avenue, Zamboanga City fronting Mary Kay. Unique name right? \ˈfau̇n-drē\ is actually spelled “foundry” which means casting metals. They named it \ˈfau̇n-drē\ (foundry) because it’s located beside a warehouse of casting metals (taba ng utak! ha-ha). This café is owned by Mr. Simon Wee a Filipino-Chinese businessman, jolly and fun to be with; and the head baker of the café and his close buddy Mr. Ogos Aznar a national producer of TV commercials and Indie Films; and also the head chef.
Fads, Sir Ogos, Sir Simon, Me (left to right)

\ˈfau̇n-drē\ (foundry) coffee + food café has a total of 19 employees as of now including the café’s store manager Ms. Kimberly Bernardo. Let’s not forget how the interiors looks, the café is inspired from the word \ˈfau̇n-drē\ (foundry) itself, has good ambiance with nice aesthetic for grammers out there and has industrialized concept. The interior design (including the metals, the light bulbs and the art works) and the equipment were ordered from manila, the only thing that was from Zamboanga City are the glass and the cement ( chuckles*).  Whether you’re a morning person or a nocturnal (ha-ha) their café is open from 7:00am – 12: MN, isn’t it awesome? From the stressful pile of work; or you want to have a place to chill whether you go solo, a date or even bring your barkadas and unwind those bad vibes that had happened for you this day. \ˈfau̇n-drē\ coffee + food café has also Wi-fi connection and their own baker's studio it is also a place for you!

not the full menu, more at the cafe

Chicken Tikka Masala
Tuyo Pasta

But wait, food will always be the exciting part (ha-ha). They serve pastas, pastries and some good beverages with affordable price and good quality. So me and my friend Fads ordered a simple yet delish and unique dish that caught our taste buds a little drool, they are Tuyo Pasta and Chicken Tikka Masala and also my favorite the Green Matcha Latte and for Fads she ordered their very own Chai Latte. Well, “Tuyo Pasta” is literally a pasta with tuyo (amazing diba?!); it is an oil based pasta with herbs and spices; and garnished with a fresh “tuyo” (dried fish) and paired with a garlic bread; you can’t even taste or smell the stench from the fish! For the “Chicken Tikka Masala”, it is a dish of chunks of roasted marinated chicken in a spiced curry sauce. The sauce is usually creamy and orange-colored and paired with a Pita Bread.

 Chai Latte and the
Green Matcha Latte
 (left to right)

Affogato Espresso Ice cream

Now for the Beverages, we had their own Green Matcha Latte and the Chai Latte; you’re familiar with Matcha Latte right, I think? (ha-ha). For their Chai Latte, it is a hot drink with cinnamon and honey syrup (p.s they have their own way mixing It or shall I say the process. wink*). They also have their service water; whether you wanted that anti-oxidated one (which has lemons) or the regular one, but for me I prefer the anti-oxidated one for a healthy lifestyle (cheurxz! Ha-ha). We also tried they’re dessert specialty; the Affogato Espresso Ice cream which they still order the “ice cream” from ITALY?! Yes it’s from ITALY, it is a Vanilla Bean Ice Cream mixed with their own brewed Espresso and they also gave us the taste of their own Oat-Chocolated Revel Bar (Bonjour mi amour!). What are you waiting for? Check their place and try out their menu!!!

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Here comes the life guru

Sorry for the hiatus on my blog, it’s quite a while since “Life & Style” been updated. Now for my come back (ha-ha). Me, myself just want to share something about the success and downs we have encountered in life, I’m not being a “life kind of guru” thing; but you know guys I’m so glad that I am what I am now and of course you also do right? Sometimes we fail and sometimes we succeed, well that is life. It’s already my 4th year in college (yes I know), thinking bout the real world it creeps me out and I don’t know why. Now, I can see things and imagine what is “me” without the world for a little knowledge and some perspectives, maybe there’s a reason for all of this (well always). There was a time I tried to give up but I try to find inspirations and here I am. Not bragging too much but everything is good now and I’m looking forward for the success and the problems I’ll be going through. As you have noticed I changed my “SOLIVAGANT” to “Life & Style”; why do we need to be alone if there are a lot of people who love and care for you no matter how huge or small their concern is, simple appreciation and thank you is a big thing. If you haven’t know “SOLIVAGANT” is a wanderer who loves to wander alone and by that say hi to “Life & Style” were life meets style and vice versa. Yes, some might think this isn’t a thing to deal with; but for most it is. Be strong and live the life you want, I’m out! Peace! (insert music : All I want - Kodaline).

Till my next blog! 
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Chavacano Video Music Festival 2017

location: Centro Latino, Paseo Del Mar, Zamboanga City

On the day we supposedly had a dance booking with my fam the Ateneo Blue Vigors by 3pm but we can't tell ha-ha. So, anyway me and my friends are invited to attend the Chavacano Video Music Festival 2017.
Actually, this was my first time to attend this kind of event (Chavacano Video Music Fest) aside from the other events that I’ve been to and it seems a lot of awesome things happened in one night and I'm so-so happy to be here. Chavacano Video Music Fest is an event where in the best of the best Videographers, Cinematographers, Directors, composers, singers and etc. from our local city Zamboanga-goes to battle with their own inspiring entries through music and videos as one, this was held on the 7th of October 2017 featuring 13 anthemic music entries of different categories: Song Composition, Song Performance and Music Video. I want to congratulate all the winners and everyone who has been part of this wonderful and successful night, also the guests and the ambassadors of this year’s Zamboanga Hermosa Festival; everyone deserves a round of applause! I swear, I really did enjoy ha-ha. But wait this doesn’t end the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2017, there’s a lot more of cool and awesome events coming. If you want to be updated follow the official Zamboanga Hermosa Festival accounts. (link down below after the  photos) #ZamboHermosaFest
Till my next blog!

photo by: Joshua Bughao

p.s. I kind to get a bit busy these past few days and all I can have for you guys is a glimpse of ZHF 2k17 he-he. More to come! 

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"Shot" Up and listen...

"Shot" Up and listen... ( ha-ha just listen) 😉

Before I start with my first ever personal blog, written here are just my thoughts that I wanted to express. No brands and establishments are engaged.
Ethriel Lao
Well my week/month goes like this, it didn’t or shall I say it was hell!! Academic requirements are piled up and it is almost the end of our first semester. Shout out to everyone who believes on/in the things that I‘m capable of and the feelings are mutuals. Blogging is my world now; yes not that really updated on every week with new blogs, but I’ll surely give you good contents (I hope…).

I just love capturing things that I see inspirational and gram worth it, admit it you guys would somehow never post a photo that kind of have a low quality one (people that are IG feed conscious “feed goals”) or maybe having not so good edit (I think?). Like me, some of my photos that I post on my Social Media accounts mostly on Instagram are taken by my phone. So probably some of you asking questions like “so?”, “IDGAF” or maybe “what’s the point of this”. Me being me, basically I love taking photos anywhere and yes a lot might say “tama nayan ha-ha”. That’s why you can see me taking photos around the campus or outside. I admit that I’m not that a pro on capturing photos but I just want to share my thoughts every time I take one. Sure does need to build up a self-confidence especially when shooting ootds or flat lays outdoor (syempre nakakahiya rin but it’s for the gram ha-ha!). To all who wanted to share something good on Social Medias, do what you can do. Every time you feel like “nah, I’m good” while deeply inside you wanted to, don’t let the inner you stop you from the things you wanted to do; if you could do it then do it. That’s why you (friends and acquaintances) probably could see me taking shots anywhere and everywhere ha-ha. But a good reminder, what you post on social medias are understood to be seen in public even private or not. just be careful on what you post/s.
Have an exciting month and take care! 💕 

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What do we have here?

Looking for a good ambience with good treats? Check out KitchenJoesPH, a place where you can find peace of mind, but most of all you guys would love every beverages they have. From hot to cold, everything is just hmm so good!

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Knowing that there are a lot of good places like this here in Zamboanga City, here lies Kitchen Joes where in they have their own brewed HaibeePureNativeCoffee from the Land of Jolo, Sulu. Under Kitchen Joes here are DearDairyphl and HaibeePureNativeCoffee. DearDairyphl and HaibeePureNativeCoffee also serves good treats and drinks to satisfy the customer’s needs. Like me, I usually spend some of my vacant time enjoying the place and their menu. Speaking of “menu”, WHAT’S HOT?! (Beverages).

Here are some of their delightful drinks at Kitchen Joes/DearDairyPH/HaibeePureNativeCoffee.

photo by Ethriel Lao
1.)    Green tea lover? Ohh... I’m one of you guys, this “Matcha Latte” is so damn good! You should try this! This is the best drink for people who don't like it too sweet and want the perfect matcha taste, it is third on my list.
photo by Cedric De Julian

2.)    Who cares about carbs? Ha-ha lol. How about some of these, “Extra S’mores, Yoyo Oreo and Mango Mania”. This is how you judge a book by its cover, what you see is what you get!
Extra S'mores gives you a graham cracker topping with some whip and the Dear Dairy's S'mores dipped in chocolate. Yoyo Oreo is a drink for oreo lovers out there, basically it has oreo cookies with some chocolate syrup and whip. Mango Mania , if you're looking for a drink that has a blend of fresh mangoes, this is a perfect pair for you ha-ha. These are some of the Milkshakes I've tasted and loved "as of now" and there will be more tasting to come!

photo by Ethriel Lao
photo by Mawi Tulawie

photo by Mira Tan
photo by Ethriel Lao
photo by Ethriel Lao

photo by Sitts Marlan

3.)    Good vodka shot? You should try their “Espresso Martini” it’s a cold drink that gives you adrenaline, I swear you will never regret! It has been one of my favorites out of every drink I've tried from Kitchen Joes. Actually I could have 3 cups a day with a double to triple shot of vodka. their "Espresso Martini" has a perfect blend of Haibee Pure Native Coffee and a little vodka. This drink is my "wake up Ethriel" kind of drink, I swear! By the way it's number one on my list
photo by Ethriel Lao
photo by Ethriel Lao

4.)    GOT (Game of Thrones) fan? “White Walkers Vanilla Milkshake” is on the menu. I just love how the color blue mixed up with their homemade vanilla ice cream, it looks like the skies and the ice of the Antarctic. Gives me chills aye?
photo by Ethriel Lao

5.)    The “Lannisnade” drink, a drink that gives after taste. This is my first favorite on their menu and sad to say it is already out on their list. ( please bring this back!)  hu-hu.
photo by Ethriel Lao

6.) "Chunky Monkey" it's all about the chunks and fudge with a slice of banana on top, homemade vanilla ice cream and Dear Dairy's home made brownies!
photo by Marjorie Tan

7.) "Cold Brew" Looking for an iced coffee? This drink is up for you!
photo by Regine Hojas
8.) "Berry Blue Milkshake" this got me speechless! Ha-ha-ha
photo by TinTin Joe
9.) "Cookie Monster" scary but sweet little monster that could make your tummy so happy!

10.)"Salted Caramel Biscoff Milkshake" makes the "sweet and salty" taste of the caramel syrup popped out and a Biscoff biscuit on top (the one on my mouth). If I were you, I'll never let this treat miss any of my awesome and exciting day in the city! 

LATTES OF KJs (taste-test)

There are still a lot of these on their Menu at KitchenJoesPHfeaturing DearDairyphl and HaibeePureNativeCoffee. These are only my favorite picks “as for now” ha-ha. More delightful and happy tummy treats to come! They also do have some pastries fresh from the oven, check out their social media accounts on the links below and don’t forget to pass by, hope to see you there!
Till my next blog, sending virtual hugs to all my lovely readers!

      Kitchen Joes
Location: Nunez Extension, Zamboanga City. Fronting Ateneo de Zamboanga University, Gate 5.


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