Treat those thrift right!

Heads up, it’s almost hell week and I’m still ain’t ready for it coming. So from my previous blog I’ve written about where I usually go thrifting, if you haven’t read about it go and check it out! (A dollar in my pocket). Anyway, I’m going to share with you on how I slay these thrifted OOTDs I got from thrift shops. Never be afraid on expressing yourselves from the outfits you wear and be sure wearing those makes out a good expression and personality from the people around you. I admit that sometimes I don’t usually wear clothes that don’t describe me as a person or it makes me a different one.

 Here are some tips on how you could wear those thrifts/pre-loved apparels you bought on thrift shops.
1.)    Set a goal! When you go thrifting don’t forget the things that you only need to buy (crowded place). Planning beforehand is a good way to achieve a certain goal.
2.)    Be sure to buy the things that you could wear on a certain occasions and don’t buy stuff if you think that you couldn’t wear it.

3.)    Pairing up with Le weather. Sometimes we can’t tell whether the weather would be fine or not, simple outfits like statement tees, plain shirts or your casual look could slay your day. DO NOT WEAR ENORMOUS JACKETS OR SWEATERS IN A HOT DAY (of course!), maybe you could wear a thin one just to protect your skin form the UV rays of the sun. Pair a good style in a moody weather.

4.)    Self-confidence, haters gonna hate ha-ha. Yes, we can’t remove them from the society but self-reputation and dignity is important.

5.)    Trying new things. Don’t hesitate to try new things, there’s no harm in trying. Searching good styles on the internet like Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and some other sites that could help you have an idea on what to wear that best suits you.

“Why should we worry about what others think of us, do we have more confidence in their opinions than we do our own?” -Brigham Young

Good luck and think positive!  💕 

A dollar in my pocket

Random thoughts*

Hi to all the aspiring bloggers like me and to my lovely readers out there, how y’all doing guys? I know there was a brief hiatus on my blog these past few months and now I’m back! Being a college student doesn’t mean that life is so easy, thus some might think it is but in reality it doesn’t. Having a hectic schedule is so hard that you just wanna go “pagod na si acoe” or “ayoko na mag-aral” well education really do matters and “quality education takes time ”ha-ha.

So, I started to like pre-loved/thrift shops. At first thrifting is out of my field, it’s just that I’m not really into it. Once a friend told me “Uy! Thrift shops could also help you slay your ootds and have good poses on instagram” and so I listened. Me, myself is not a fussy person when it comes to certain things, but I’m a little bit of being meticulous. The first thrift shop I put my feet on is located near the University I’m studying, it’s just a few blocks away and it’s like a mini bazar. Second, was the so called “MAGAY” (ˈmə-ɡī), it’s a market place in Zamboanga City where a part of it are all pre-loved good apparels.


Since I’m a newbie here (about thrift shopping), my friends guided me and took me to a tour (wow! parang turista lang? Haha). it’s just that the place is so crowded and you feel like giving up. Good that my curiosity helped  me a lot and I pushed through. You don’t need a big amount of money to buy good things, as a student being practical is one important way (#studentproblem101). Thrifting is Eco Friendly, easy on the pocket book, support non-profits and fun and exciting shopping experience, Go and slay! 

To all the instagrammers, influencers, aspiring bloggers and a student like me out there, express yourselves in what you’re comfortable with and what you’re capable of.  💕 

Untill my next blog! 

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I don’t bring much to school essentials.

I really don’t know how to start this, like kinakabahan ako para sa year na ito (i am a little nervous for this year). Anyway, how was your summer? Did you make the most out of it? It’s been a decade (exaggerating) since I wrote something. Well let me share with you my “I don’t bring much to school essentials” ha-ha. Since first year, I’m not that person who brings a lot of things to school (some friends know it lol). I usually bring a ball pen, a notebook and my bag (sometimes I call it a “bag” even though it’s just a small pouch). Every time the school year starts, I just have to buy at least 3 pens and 3 notebooks. Let me show you the things I got for this school year.

1.) Faber Castell Pens – this is why I love Faber Castell. Aside from it’s a good quality pen, it also has cute colors (not the ink, it’s the outside frame of the pen), but I love it black. I’m using this 0.5 point Faber Castell pen (black ink) for my daily notes to give my own notebook a minimal look. By the way it also have a red and a blue colored ink. For those people who loves making doodles, this pen is good at it. It’s a pen that is affordable for college students like me, I bought this at NBS (National Book Store) located at KCC mall de Zamboanga.

      2.) Notebooks – notes are the important things you should have in school. The thing about me is that I don’t really copy lectures ha-ha, mostly I try to get my lectures in a soft copy (either phone or laptop). Millennial now are into technological stuff, lectures are only captured through their smart phones. But these notebooks are one of my best essentials even though I don’t really write that much, but they never failed to give me what I need. It helps me on, during meetings and some other assemblies. This won’t cost you that much, an affordable price for every student like me out there. (Got the blue colored notebook, coz it gives my eyes a refreshing sight.)

3.) Elliot Audio Active Wireless Ear pods
Me, fun of listening to good music on Spotify during vacant times, I usually bring my small buddy to school. This Elliot Audio Active Wireless ear pods are awesome, in fact I’ve been interested on having wireless earphones and I found this little ones. I got them from with a smooth transaction. Aren’t they cute with their blue ear fin tips?
For more reviews check out this link: elliot-audio-active
·         2 Sets of Silicon Ear bud Tips
·         2 Sets of Ear Fin Tips
·         Charging Cable
·         Carrying Pouch
·         Manual

4.)  Herschel “Retreat” Bag – ever since I was little I’m used to have, I mean every year before classes starts I usually buy the things I need and a bag is one necessity. My mom buys me a new bag every single year when I was in elementary until my secondary. When I stepped into college, it’s me who go shopping and buy the things I need, actually it started since I was in my third year high school. I’m not really a backpack person, coz I hate it when it makes my back sweaty as hell. Second is that here in the Philippines before you enter an establishment the guards usually checks what’s inside your bag for security matters. And now I found this Herschel “Retreat” Bag myself. Herschel Supply Co. is a brand of bags that has been a blast in fame the past few years. Their lines of trendy hipster bags have been all the rage even in the Philippines. I’ll be carrying their “RETREAT” bag for this whole school year. Some feature are signature stripped fabric liner, padded and fleece lined 15* laptop sleeve, magnetic strap closures with metal pin clips, external sleeve, internal media pocket with headphone port, contoured shoulder straps, reinforced base, classic woven label. It’s comfortable by the way with it’s minimal gray look and I kinda like it.

5.) Long champ Wallet- another essential of a student is a wallet, I still remember that I had once a wallet that is bigger than my pocket. A kind of hipster wallet that is long and huge “ha-ha” usually teenagers use it. I really appreciate how this wallet goes like from its inner compartment to the card holders. This Long champ wallet is a model of efficiency. it has 3 card compartments, bills compartment and for your lovely picture compartment.

6.)  Eyeglasses - When lazy day gets into me I usually wear them, but mostly I wear my contacts. Without them my life is a blur. The black with a gold ear holder, those eyeglasses has a lot of good memories, one of my oldest glasses in my existence in college. Then the other one “harry potter” shaped lenses from Sunnies, supposedly that eye wear is only for ootds but it’s kinda cute so I got the lenses replaced to my own corrected eyesight. I usually buy my frames online and let them be replaced by my ophthalmologist.
      More affordable specs at Trendlinesph and Facecentralph 

God bless and have a delightful school year!

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Manuel : A place like home

Summer classes are almost done, before everything; I just wanted to let you know that I still did enjoy my 2017 summer. This Manuel was a new place for me to discover. I was still having a balance in nature, as a student it’s hard to miss out some quizzes and requirements. Going back, let me tell you a little about Manuel Resort, well it is located at Dipolog - Polanco - Oroquieta Rd, Piñan, Zamboanga Del Norte. Manuel is a bit far from Zamboanga City, you could take a bus or bring your own private transportation and could last, I think we’d driven almost 6 hours and a half with a short stop over with a 307.4 km to be exact, even though cramps are starting to hit me, but nothing stops me from having an amazing summer. I know some of the millennial are a fan of having a get away with friends, families or even their own special one “kung baga relationship goals” ha-ha. Manuel Resort is a popular choice amongst travelers in Piñan, whether exploring or just passing through curiosity really do hit people badly. Necessary facilities includes 24-hour front desk, 24-hour room service, facilities for disabled guests, Wi-Fi in public areas, are at hand. It feels like home.

More details : Manuel Resort

Also we tried a lot of good entertainment at the resort like billiard, dart, table hockey and a lot more. People are also kind and welcoming, the staffs are well oriented. Never did we ever encountered misunderstandings on our neighboring rooms, they provide good quality blankets/comforters, pillows and a good bed to keep their guests well rested. A place like this will always be a place worth coming back for!

Until my next update, have a great month! 

My Mini Adventure

There are a lot of things I wanted to do before my summer classes starts. I tried hiking, swimming, taking life-death situations (exaggerating) ha-ha. I have also met a lot of new friends I didn’t expect to become one of mine. Zamboanga City is a highly urbanized city and the second largest city in Mindanao, Philippines and 3rd largest city by land area in the Philippines. The southwest and eastern sides of Zamboanga City are bounded by irregular coastlines with generally rocky terrain and occasional stretches of sandy or gravelly beaches. The city of Zamboanga is politically subdivided into 98 barangays or barrios. These are grouped into two congressional districts, with 38 barangays or barrios in the West Coast and 60 barangays or barrios in the East Coast. All I can say that Zamboanga City is one of the most beautiful city in the Philippines.

For my first stop on my mini adventure, I welcome you to the grassland “Lantawan”. This place is on top of the mountain where you can enjoy the scenery of the city. This is me in black wearing white cap loving the view while having myself photographed by a friend. Isn’t it so amazing to see great things in life? Well of course you won’t reach the top unless you go a little bit of hiking. It won’t take you a long hike to reach the top; it could help you and your metabolism grow. You can have a date, bonds with your family or friends (barkadas) and even you could go by yourself to unwind ha-ha.

La Vista del Mar

My second stop is La Vista del Mar Beach Resort, is a seven-hectare resort and entertainment focus in Upper Calarian, Zamboanga City that has been an asylum to the Lobregat family, as well as to local people. This beach resort has its own uniqueness, the cool breeze in the morning, the fine sand that you could feel between your toes, and the delicious food that they serve. La Vista del Mar isn’t far enough from the city proper. You can hit the jeep or the van to be on the resort. Maybe for some, personal transportation is also a good tip. Another tip is that, this beach resort allows you to bring your own food and beverages. But, they have their own rules and regulations of what you could bring and what not to. And that’s me again wearing my favorite white cap and loose gray shirt ha-ha.

A photo by Raf Baird
A photo by Raf Baird
And my last stop was Pamucutan Anuling River/Falls. Pamucutan is located in the west coast of Zamboanga City, Philippines. This place is a little complicated than my first stop. You need to exert more effort to reach the destination. Yeah, you still need to do more hiking and walking from muds and stones you encounter on this part of my adventure. Nevertheless you will not regret anything when you are already there. I know this seems so hard to some of you guys out there but to those who loves to wander and discover new adventures, Zamboanga City is just right around the corner. This mini adventure of mine made me realized that simple things could be cherished forever. In fact, I met a lot of new friends and I discovered new things in Zamboanga City.
Pamucutan Anuling River/Falls: 

Till my next update, Have a great summer!

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The Exchange

Let me tell you all about “THE EXCHANGE”. Before that let me ask you about, how’s your week doing? Doing good aye? Anyway, my co-generation won’t understand how hard it is to stand up all day and meet new strangers. “The Exchange” makes us more confident when it comes entertaining people around, by the means of entertaining you might think the other way ha-ha! Here I learned some good tips on how to do business talks. Day 1, me and my group had our orientation on some rules and regulations during work in and out the work zone; we were assigned to be on a certain store under LENIN branches. I was assigned at the KCC Mall ASUS center and two of my friends Sam(girl) at the O+ and Efren(boy) at the HUAWEI. Yes, we’re 10 students all in all in this LENIN branch “The Exchange”, but we’re all separated, so some of my duty mates don’t have some pictures with us(sadnu).

Sam, Me, Kuya Fritz and Efren (left to right)

Efren, Ate Sheng, Sam and Me (left to right)

Efren, Ate (haha), Sam and Me (left to right)

Me, myself and I enjoyed my experience during the program. Here I learned how to say “YES SIR” and “YES MA’AM”. So my first day went like this. I was assigned (ASUS Center at KCC Mall), of course I’m excited indeed, but entering the store was a little bit awkward, why?  Here I met Kuya Dar; he’s so mayabang(arrogant) at first. I don’t know if it was just because we are new or he thought that we are the new hired employee. Then I met Kuya Fritz(the supervisor) he’s kind and funny and also I met Kuya payat(“thin” coz I don’t know what his name was). Then on my second day, it starts to get good and fun, “kuyas” starting to talk to me and asked about stuffs. They thought me how to engage in communicating to clients. I also learned some things like what the latest laptop is or what the latest mobile phone (ASUS) is. On the third day (our last day) we get used to it already, I met Ate Belle; she’s so kind. She even wanted to daya(cheat) our DTR hahaha! (Shhh just us). Experience is just an experience, there’s no harm in trying right? We will surely miss this exchange.

Me, Sam, Ate Belle, Ate (haha) and Efren (left to right)

Me, Sam, Ate Belle, Ate (haha) and Efren (left to right)

But of course my OOTD (outfit of the day) won’t say bye bye for the day. Yes I don’t have it on the first day, but I keep slaying it on the second and third day.
DAY 2 (Jeans from Lee)

DAY 2 (Jeans from Lee)

DAY 3 (Top from MEMO )

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