My not so little sister

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So thankful of having a kikay sister. Yes, we usually don’t get along with each other. I never knew that we could get this close, I mean duh?! She is my sister haha. I remember when we were young, there is this mini plastic pool and we keep on having a fight, yeah, I admit that when my “topak” hits me, I eventually become so selfish as in so selfish. I usually put the fault on her, I realized that having a sister is one of the best thing I ever had. The time when I was sick, when both of our parents were out of town and only our aunts were with us, t’was late in the evening and I got so hot (fever), she woke up, and she slowly put a wet towel over my head so that I could feel better. Anyway no more dramas haha. “Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.” Vietnamese proverbs. Yes someday she’ll go and fall in love, and there’s an end of peace and fun and cozy times together, that’s how life works. No matter how old she gets, she is still your little sister, and she will always be cute.

 Perks of having a little sister:

1.)  No one ever picks on my sister…except me

     You cherish her, you secure her, and by the day's end, you're certain she realizes that you were simply playing around. In any case this doesn't change the way how you treat and play jokes on her, you mean thing.

2.) She always surprises you

     Sometimes when my day goes like hell, she never fails to surprise and make me smile haha. I never doubt her, since I never had any idea what she’s capable of. Sometimes when I treat her badly she still grin and embrace me toward the day's end, which is just unbelievably delightful. At last, this little heap of daylight never neglects to astound you.

3.)  Impossible to stay angry with her

     She could be bratty, troublesome, ruined and impossible. All siblings passes through this stage but having an argument with your little sister is that there is no way of staying angry with her for long. Regardless of what she's done, her naturally irritating attitude is sufficient to make you adore her once more.  

       4.) You go goofy together

     The strangest and most humiliating minutes can seem typical and amusing when your younger sibling is included. You fart in front of her, talks and laughs loud in a quiet room and sometimes do stupid things.

       5.) Inside Jokes


      Spending childhood with your younger sister has a conclusion on something. Because of the age difference, regardless of how enormous or little it is, you are going to discover something to chuckle about.

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