Worlds on Fire

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New batch of Ateneo Blue Vigors (incomplete). So proud of being part of this wonderful family, Ateneo Blue Vigors is a family that grew stronger and stronger, thus the circumstances we encounter and the misunderstandings that we had. Nevertheless, we still have the  unity within us. This is actually a benefit concert for our beloved Brebeuf Gym, our second home.

We had invited some guests too like VJ Chino Lui Pio, DJ Nina, Mai Mai Cantillano, TJ Monterde and Ella Cruz.

The song “ Worlds on Fire ” by Zerbin was used to honor our beloved gym. “ Worlds On Fire ” is an upbeat indie pop anthem about the love story of young lovers during an apocalypse. The song kicks off with a guitar then the adds the drums as Jason Zerbin sings, “I can’t believe my eyes / Playing in the dark we were hiding in the night,” and brings this anthem to life. 

But instead of two young lovers we made it about how the moments that was spent during the days that Brebeuf gym was still on the ground and after how we had risen from the tradegy. This sets the tone for chorus, which truly grasps your attention. Jason Zerbin sings, "so we danced in a fount of Parisian merlot/ With our head in the clouds/Bodies below in desire /The whole worlds on fire,” recalling some of the better moments that was left on the Brebeuf gym, the practices we had, the bonds we had and every moments that makes us smile. You’ll know when you are at the gym when the rules says “ NO STEPPING ON THE YELLOW LINE ” haha those days tho.

The evaluations we had when I was still a newbie. A lot of things happened there (tears).  At last the concert was a success , we thank YAMAHA, Ateneo de Zamboanga University, SACSI (SIMO CULMINATION) and El Consejo Atenista for having this benefit concert successful, it was an amazing experience! The tears and sweat we shed was worth it. Also a special thanks to our amazing President, to our Vice-President, to our Head Choreographers, to my co-blue who should lie low at the time , to my batch 2015 and lastly to my second family the Ateneo Blue Vigors. One Passion, One Family, Blue!

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