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It’s been a while since I updated my blog. I’m not a fashion expert, but yeah I surf a lot about fashion. I watch videos on YouTube like Look books of some fashion experts. Philippines is on the tropic zone of the globe (near the equator) so we only have two (2) seasons the wet season and the dry season. Now, I’m a fan of some grunge fashion. Yes, we don’t experience the other kinds of seasons (Winter please….) haha, it's hot here in the Philippines, wearing layered outfits ain't good here, but here we call it "tiis ganda", for the sake of the outfit of the day to look better. Even under the scorching heat of the sun slaying of OOTD's between the students never run out.
How I shop? Sometimes I go to the mall when I feel like “nothing to do at home”, I check new cool tops, shoes, pants and other apparels. Laziness sometimes hit me so hard, so I go to ZALORA or ZARA to shop or some Online shops with affordable prices.


On our washdays (that’s Friday btw in our University) I usually wear pants (No SHORTS policy!). I bought my denim vintage washed pants at PENSHOPPE just for only Php1,099.00, if I’m not wrong. I really liked the texture of the pants, it’s comfy and not heavy though, well some are. My black cotton shirt hmm, I bought it at the mall for only Php299.00 (department store) it got no brand, but this shirt never ever did disappoint me. It is good to pair up with any kind of pants and also for layering. It is a long tee by the way I just tucked it in, this is one of my favorite shirt in my closet.

Black shirt

Real talk is that, I don’t have a lot of shoes. This black leather-plastic derby shoes an Easysoft by WORLDBALANCE from ZALORA is my school shoes haha ayt! “School shoes”, I don’t know, I really love this shoes. When it rains water doesn’t get into my feet Easysoft by WORLDBALANCE shoes is waterproof, flexible, durable and shock absorbing (so true!!). Even during normal weekends, do not for one bit stray away from your conventionally preppy demeanor. ZALORA comes to the rescue with this charming pair of derbies, whilst retaining a classic preppy vibe.

Anyway, how are we doing guys? School days aren’t done yet, but yeah haha sembreak is happening, like booyah! Let’s cherish the moments we have, enjoy college indeed!

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