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Let me tell you all about “THE EXCHANGE”. Before that let me ask you about, how’s your week doing? Doing good aye? Anyway, my co-generation won’t understand how hard it is to stand up all day and meet new strangers. “The Exchange” makes us more confident when it comes entertaining people around, by the means of entertaining you might think the other way ha-ha! Here I learned some good tips on how to do business talks. Day 1, me and my group had our orientation on some rules and regulations during work in and out the work zone; we were assigned to be on a certain store under LENIN branches. I was assigned at the KCC Mall ASUS center and two of my friends Sam(girl) at the O+ and Efren(boy) at the HUAWEI. Yes, we’re 10 students all in all in this LENIN branch “The Exchange”, but we’re all separated, so some of my duty mates don’t have some pictures with us(sadnu).

Sam, Me, Kuya Fritz and Efren (left to right)

Efren, Ate Sheng, Sam and Me (left to right)

Efren, Ate (haha), Sam and Me (left to right)

Me, myself and I enjoyed my experience during the program. Here I learned how to say “YES SIR” and “YES MA’AM”. So my first day went like this. I was assigned (ASUS Center at KCC Mall), of course I’m excited indeed, but entering the store was a little bit awkward, why?  Here I met Kuya Dar; he’s so mayabang(arrogant) at first. I don’t know if it was just because we are new or he thought that we are the new hired employee. Then I met Kuya Fritz(the supervisor) he’s kind and funny and also I met Kuya payat(“thin” coz I don’t know what his name was). Then on my second day, it starts to get good and fun, “kuyas” starting to talk to me and asked about stuffs. They thought me how to engage in communicating to clients. I also learned some things like what the latest laptop is or what the latest mobile phone (ASUS) is. On the third day (our last day) we get used to it already, I met Ate Belle; she’s so kind. She even wanted to daya(cheat) our DTR hahaha! (Shhh just us). Experience is just an experience, there’s no harm in trying right? We will surely miss this exchange.

Me, Sam, Ate Belle, Ate (haha) and Efren (left to right)

Me, Sam, Ate Belle, Ate (haha) and Efren (left to right)

But of course my OOTD (outfit of the day) won’t say bye bye for the day. Yes I don’t have it on the first day, but I keep slaying it on the second and third day.
DAY 2 (Jeans from Lee)

DAY 2 (Jeans from Lee)

DAY 3 (Top from MEMO )

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