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There are a lot of things I wanted to do before my summer classes starts. I tried hiking, swimming, taking life-death situations (exaggerating) ha-ha. I have also met a lot of new friends I didn’t expect to become one of mine. Zamboanga City is a highly urbanized city and the second largest city in Mindanao, Philippines and 3rd largest city by land area in the Philippines. The southwest and eastern sides of Zamboanga City are bounded by irregular coastlines with generally rocky terrain and occasional stretches of sandy or gravelly beaches. The city of Zamboanga is politically subdivided into 98 barangays or barrios. These are grouped into two congressional districts, with 38 barangays or barrios in the West Coast and 60 barangays or barrios in the East Coast. All I can say that Zamboanga City is one of the most beautiful city in the Philippines.

For my first stop on my mini adventure, I welcome you to the grassland “Lantawan”. This place is on top of the mountain where you can enjoy the scenery of the city. This is me in black wearing white cap loving the view while having myself photographed by a friend. Isn’t it so amazing to see great things in life? Well of course you won’t reach the top unless you go a little bit of hiking. It won’t take you a long hike to reach the top; it could help you and your metabolism grow. You can have a date, bonds with your family or friends (barkadas) and even you could go by yourself to unwind ha-ha.

La Vista del Mar

My second stop is La Vista del Mar Beach Resort, is a seven-hectare resort and entertainment focus in Upper Calarian, Zamboanga City that has been an asylum to the Lobregat family, as well as to local people. This beach resort has its own uniqueness, the cool breeze in the morning, the fine sand that you could feel between your toes, and the delicious food that they serve. La Vista del Mar isn’t far enough from the city proper. You can hit the jeep or the van to be on the resort. Maybe for some, personal transportation is also a good tip. Another tip is that, this beach resort allows you to bring your own food and beverages. But, they have their own rules and regulations of what you could bring and what not to. And that’s me again wearing my favorite white cap and loose gray shirt ha-ha.

A photo by Raf Baird
A photo by Raf Baird
And my last stop was Pamucutan Anuling River/Falls. Pamucutan is located in the west coast of Zamboanga City, Philippines. This place is a little complicated than my first stop. You need to exert more effort to reach the destination. Yeah, you still need to do more hiking and walking from muds and stones you encounter on this part of my adventure. Nevertheless you will not regret anything when you are already there. I know this seems so hard to some of you guys out there but to those who loves to wander and discover new adventures, Zamboanga City is just right around the corner. This mini adventure of mine made me realized that simple things could be cherished forever. In fact, I met a lot of new friends and I discovered new things in Zamboanga City.
Pamucutan Anuling River/Falls: 

Till my next update, Have a great summer!

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